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How Much Weight Can You Lose in a Month?

In our tech-savvy society we’ve become even more used to getting results quickly. Demanding instant gratification is fine when you’re talking about a smartphone, but it’s not the best policy when it comes to weight loss. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Fad diets that promise large amounts of weight […]

ORBERA® Gastric Balloon on FOX News

ORBERA® received significant coverage today on FOX News national programming… Watch the latest video at video.foxnews.com

How the Orbera™ Weight Loss Balloon Works

Second Chance At Life After Gastric Bypass

Ramona Edwards knows quite a lot about getting a second chance. Ramona Edwards – Gastric Bypass Story

Is Sleep Dieting Legit?

Studies say you can lose weight in your sleep, but is this legit? Read the full article here…

Overcoming Emotional Eating

Your emotions can seem to overwhelm you. You feel stress, anger, sadness or just plain boredom – and you reach for a snack. Before you know it, food is your go-to solution for emotional self-soothing. And it’s starting to show on the scales. It’s common to use food as a reward to treat yourself, or […]

Trainer Gained 70 Pounds To Help His Client Lose Weight—Is That Healthy?

Read more on how a trainer gained and lost 70 pounds to help inspire his client. The doctor weighs in…Read the whole story here…  

Why Keep Food and Fitness Journals?

When someone mentions keeping a food or fitness journal, the response is almost always the same – why? Is there any point to writing down how much exercise you’ve done or what you’ve eaten in a day? As it turns out, there is. Write it Down, Watch it Work. The very act of writing down […]

What is the Reshape Dual Gastric Balloon?

When considering weight loss surgery, you may have heard of techniques such as gastric bypass, bands, and balloons. As you might imagine, these require a significant amount of coaching, evaluation and understanding – not to mention the cost of surgery and recovery. Here at , one of our most popular procedures is the ReShape Dual […]

The Gastric Balloon on NBC News

Gastric Balloons are becoming increasingly popular as a major weight loss method. See it in the news…

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