ReShape Dual Gastric Balloon, Smart Dimensions™ Weight Loss, Fountain Valley, CAWhen considering weight loss surgery, you may have heard of techniques such as gastric bypass, bands, and balloons. As you might imagine, these require a significant amount of coaching, evaluation and understanding – not to mention the cost of surgery and recovery. Here at Smart Dimensions™, one of our most popular procedures is the ReShape Dual Gastric Balloon.

In short, the ReShape Dual Gastric Balloon is a set of two balloons which are inserted endoscopically (through the mouth) to the stomach. You won’t feel anything when the balloons are inserted, and the entire process is done in around 20 minutes. Although inserting the balloons doesn’t take long, the effects they can have on your weight loss goals can last a lifetime.

No Surgery, No Scars

One of the biggest reasons men and women choose to have the ReShape Dual Gastric Balloon inserted is because, unlike traditional gastric surgery, there’s no need to reroute or shorten your digestive system. What’s more, because there’s no surgery involved, there’s no scarring. The ReShape Dual Gastric Balloon is not a permanent implant like other types of weight loss surgery and is typically used for a year before removal.

The balloons are filled with a saline solution. Because no long-term restructuring or removal of your normal digestive system is necessary, you’ll enjoy all of the benefits of faster, lasting weight loss without the concerns that normally accompany invasive surgeries.

Lasting Change to Help You Feel and Look Your Best

Although the ReShape Dual Gastric Balloon is inserted for a small amount of time, it’s not the only part of your weight loss journey. You’ll also receive compassionate, understanding one-on-one support from expert specialists who can help you stay on track with your weight loss goals and continue to see the success you’ve been desiring. This help, combined with online support tools and tracking systems, can help you continue to lose weight over time – a major contributor to lasting, permanent weight loss.

Many patients using the ReShape Dual Gastric Balloon have lost 50 lbs. or more. Why not become one of the success stories yourself? Call our office today for a consultation to learn if this one of a kind new weight loss procedure is right for you.