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Weight-Loss Surgery: Separating Fact from Fiction

Though bariatric surgery isn’t new to the weight-loss discussion, I still find the perception of it among the public remains fraught with misconceptions and misguided information. And of course, the main- stream media can sometimes seem to help and hurt the flow of accurate information on the subject, all at the same time. There have […]

Eliminating Shame from the Bariatric Surgery Decision

As I surgeon, I’m often fascinated and sometimes disheartened by the lack of empathy some patients receive from others (medical professionals, colleagues, family members and friends) when it comes to their decision to undergo bariatric surgery. Yes, as with any surgical decision, bariatric surgery has risks. But when I think about all of the procedures […]

Failed Bariatric Surgery, A Reality for Some.

With recent news of Carnie Wilson’s decision to undergo a LAP-BAND procedure following her gastric bypass surgery 12 years ago, the risks and benefits of “follow-up” bariatric surgeries are being discussed in the media with renewed interest. While I appreciate healthy dialogue on the subject of weight-loss surgery, I also want that dialogue to be […]

Proper Nutrition Matters, Even After Bariatric Surgery

We hear often that bariatric surgery is a “quick fix” or an “easy way out.” Well, we’ve discussed time and again in this blog just how untrue those statements really are. Bariatric surgery patients MUST commit to hard work if they’re going to be successful in achieving lasting weight loss, ESPECIALLY after surgery. We know […]

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