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5 Important Tips for Sticking with that New Year’s Resolution

It’s that time of year again. Time for New Year’s resolution thoughts to begin swirling around in our minds. Before the clock strikes midnight on 1/1/2012, I thought I would issue a few tips and reminders for those with weight loss as their resolution for the coming year. 1. Set Realistic Goals! Big goals are […]

What Can Cookie Monster Teach Us about Obesity?

You’re probably thinking the answer’s easy: Don’t eat cookies! That’s a good start. But Cookie’s message can go much deeper, to an issue at the heart of the obesity epidemic in the United States. I happened upon an episode of Sesame Street the other day and caught the tail end of a segment involving Cookie […]

Obesity in America–The Gains and the Losses

As a physician, it’s my job to care for patients using the knowledge I have gained in my education and experience. Part of that experience is staying up-to-date on the latest news, studies and facts surrounding the complicated issue of obesity. In performing some recent internet research in this regard, I came across this 1959 […]

The Weight-Loss Journey: It’s a Family Affair

There are many factors at play in banishing obesity. Whether post-bariatric surgery or just beginning the process, there are few influencers more important to helping patients stick to their goals than close family members. These are the people you love and trust. They’re often the people who’ve seen you through “thick and thin,” literally. They’re […]

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