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The County Fair: A Deep-Fried Summertime Tradition

We talk often of the difficulties in sticking with a well-balanced and low-calorie diet during the holiday season. All of that warm comfort food during those chilly winter months frequently proves too-hard-to-resist for most. Then, before we know it, springtime celebrations are upon us and we’re faced with the allure of Easter-time feasts, marshmallow chicks […]

Weight Loss Surgery Diet Exercise Healthy Lifestyle

“Eat healthy and exercise regularly” – well, that should do it, right? You’ve heard it before and you’ll probably hear it over and over again, but the advice to balance a nutritious diet with moderate physical fitness is sometimes not the be-all, end-all answer to healthy living we hope it to be. While both are […]

Big May Be Beautiful. But Alive is Better

It’s been an ongoing debate for years: whether plus-sized models in place of the often very thin women we’re used to seeing in magazines is better for women’s body image issues. This was a recent topic of conversation on a popular news publication’s website and I was fascinated as I read through the comments about […]

Interpreting the “Breaking News” on the Bariatric Surgery Front

Among the most important things to come out of the annual meeting of the American Society for Metabolic & Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) is the research presented there. This information helps surgeons around the country and across the globe gather, debate, interpret and utilize the latest findings and recommendations to benefit their patients. This year’s meeting […]

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