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Obesity and Fertility: Not Solely a Woman’s Issue

In the last few months, several clinical studies have painted a frightening portrait of fertility for the obese man. Looking at the rise in overall Body Mass Index (BMI) in male patients throughout the United States, researchers have observed a strong connection between the increase in BMI and declining fertility rates. Often thought by the […]

The Use of Robots and Cutting Edge Technology in Bariatric Surgery

Orange County Bariatric Surgery, Robotics Weight loss surgery, clinically known as bariatric surgery, has been the key to substantial and long-lasting weight loss for many men and women suffering from obesity. Losing weight can be difficult, especially for those who are also suffering from obesity-related health conditions. One of the state-of-the-art technologies is performing bariatric […]

5 Get Healthy Myths- BUSTED

It’s the time of year when everyone, even those who don’t necessarily need to lose a lot of weight, focus just a little more intently on their health. The first quarter of the year is also a busy time for marketers of food products, exercise equipment, nutritional supplements and everything in between. You see, they […]

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