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Why Patient Success Stories Matter Most

I am a very involved physician when it comes to my website and other online efforts. There are several reasons for this but the most important are: a) I want to make sure everything we transmit to the public is accurate and b) I enjoy hearing from patients and those interested in bariatric surgery. In […]

The Allure of the “Fad Diet”

It’s that time of year again. The time when many New Year’s Resolution makers who chose weight loss as their goal, begin to abort the mission. For some, it’s because they tried to do too much, too quickly. For others, perhaps the reason is that they didn’t lose as much as they thought they would. […]

And the “BAND” Plays On

There has been quite a bit of news recently related to a Los Angeles-area LAP-BAND program and associated deaths suffered by patients as a result of what some are calling the program’s aggressive and deceptive advertising agenda. Though I certainly don’t know every detail about this case, I am concerned that the story may confuse […]

At the “Heart” of an Unhealthy Weight

Obesity is a disease that gets national attention on what seems like a daily basis. That can be a great thing. Sometimes, though, I wonder if it can desensitize us to just how serious a disease it is and how problematic the conditions that accompany it are. In honoring February as Heart Month, I’d like […]

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