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New Procedure for Heartburn

People who experience heartburn more than twice a week may have GERD. ( Gastroesphageal Reflux Disease) The symptoms of GERD vary, but often are severe enough to affect quality of life. Many people experience constant pain and burning and sleep disruption. Many have to avoid foods they love because of it. There is a new […]

The 5 G’s of Inappropriate Eating- Or Goal Thrwarting Eating for Surgical Weight Loss Patients

The 5 G’s of inappropriate eating is good advice for anyone trying to lose or maintain weight loss. These tips are especially important for surgical weight loss patients, as these bad habits can sabatoge weight loss and sometimes even cause the weight loss surgery to fail. 1. Grazing- This eat all day styple has several […]

Frequently asked questions

One of the most frequently asked questions by patients is ” Will my insurance cover bariatric surgery?” The good news, is that most insurance carriers do have a surgical weight loss benefit in the policy. It is sometimes frustrating to patients however to find out that, though the surgery will be covered, there are often […]

Flip Side

I think one of the most rewarding aspects about our practice is the ability to see the results. I can’t tell you how many times i have heard from patients how happy they are that they no longer need their diabetes medications, Blood pressure medications or cpap machine for sleep apnea. It is a joy […]

Gastric Sleeve

The gastric sleeve procedure is now available to our patients in Los Angeles, Riverside and Orange County!! Many patients are interested in having the gastric sleeve operation because it is not as invasive as the gastric bypass surgery, and is more effective for weight loss than the adjustable gastric band. Gastric sleeve or vertical sleeve […]


I am pleased to announce that there are two websites available for support for our patients who have had bariatric surgery. The websites are www.lapband.com and www.realizemysuccess.com. Although we offer 10 support groups a month in a variety of four different locations, many people do not have time, or do not live close enough to […]

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