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The Simple Truth of the ‘Fat Tax’ Debate

First, let’s generally define what is meant when the term ‘fat tax’ is used. In essence, this is any tax or surcharge placed upon foods or beverages that are deemed to be fattening. Later in this post, we’ll look further into how this broad interpretation can lead to problems. For now, let’s just say that […]

Treating BMI as a Vital Sign in the Fight Against Obesity

Vital Signs. You can be sure these standard measurements of our most basic body functions (body temperature, pulse rate, blood pressure and respiratory rate) will be taken on just about every visit you pay to a physician. And with good reason. These metrics tell your doctor a lot about your overall health. If you’re body […]

Bariatric Surgery Cuts Blood Sugar More Than Meds

Most men and women suffering from obesity know how it feels to be judged by their physical appearance. The self-hating commentary coming from within many obese men and women is often repeated by the outside world.Almost every person today knows that obesity is a common problem for the American population. Unfortunately, knowing about a problem […]

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