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Importance of Protein

Protein is an essential nutrient of the body. Eating enough protein is especially important after bariatric surgery to help preserve lean muscle mass and promote healing. It also increases satiety, which helps patients feel full longer and makes them less likely to over eat. Bariatric patients should always eat the protein portion of their meal […]

Lap Band Slippage

We have recently seen some patients with lap band slippage that needed to have their lapband removed or repositioned. Several of the patients had experienced a bad flu or other episode of severe vomiting a few weeks before the band slipped. If you are experiencing severe vomiting, or even episodes of recurrent vomiting, you need […]

Bariatric Advantage Vitamins

Many of you have purchased the 90 day starter kits of the Bariatric Advantage vitamins. We have now set up an arrangement with BA that allows you to order your vitamins directly from them and have them delivered to your home monthly. Please ask about this time saving feature next time you are in the […]

6 Month Medically Supervised Diet

Many insurance companies are now requiring patients to show proof of participating in a medically supervised diet, before they will authorize surgical weight loss. The amount of time varies with different insurance companies. This frustrates and stalls many patients. If you are considering surgical weight loss in the future, start preparing now by seeing your […]

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