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Endoscopic Bypass Revision (TORe)Conveniently located to serve Fountain Valley, CA

Put a stop to weight regain after a gastric bypass with the help of an endoscopic bypass revision (TORe) in Orange County. TORe, or transoral outlet reduction endoscopy, is a revisional bariatric surgery option that treats enlargement of the gastrojejunal stoma (the passageway of food from the stomach into the small intestine).

What Is Endoscopic Bypass Revision (TORe)?

When enlargement of the gastrojejunal stoma occurs, this can lessen the feeling of fullness when eating, leading to weight regain. This can happen to 40% of gastric bypass patients. Endoscopic bypass revision can be performed by our medical professionals at Smart Dimensions to address this condition with expertise and care.

A TORe is a revision procedure available to gastric bypass patients who have experienced weight regain. A transoral outlet reduction endoscopy is a safer option for treating this condition and is conducted through endoscopic suturing.

TORe surgery involves oral insertion of an endoscope, a flexible tube with a built-in light and a camera. The images from the camera are displayed on an external monitor. When the endoscope reaches the gastrojejunal stoma, stitching is performed with the endoscope for effective reduction of the stoma.

Am I a Good Candidate for Endoscopic Bypass Revision?

The best candidates for endoscopic bypass revision are gastric bypass patients who have gained at least 20% of their total lost weight back after bariatric surgery. The TORe procedure is highly recommended for patients who are willing to commit to consistent weight loss afterwards.

Your Endoscopic Bypass Revision (TORe) procedure will be performed by one of our bariatric surgeons in Fountain Valley, CA

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Your Endoscopic Bypass Revision Consultation

A transoral outlet reduction endoscopy consultation will involve an evaluation of your weight regain and your complete medical history. Questions may be asked regarding all past procedures, current medications, allergies, and any pre-existing conditions. This will help our medical professionals plan and prepare a safe TORe procedure for you.

The doctor will discuss the details of the endoscopic bypass revision procedure with you to ensure full understanding of the surgery. Recovery will be discussed, along with aftercare and the steps of the procedure. The doctor will be happy to answer any questions.

The TORe Procedure

Endoscopic bypass revision will begin with administering general anesthesia. Once the anesthesia takes effect, the surgeon will insert the endoscope into the mouth of the patient.

The surgeon will then navigate within the digestive tract using the endoscope. Once the device reaches the gastrojejunal stoma, the doctor will use the device to place sutures that make the passageway smaller. This will help the patient feel full for a longer time after the procedure. After suturing is complete, the endoscope will be removed.

The Endoscopic Bypass Revision Recovery Process

An endoscopic bypass revision patient will be prescribed a special liquid meal plan after the procedure. This will progress to food with a yogurt-like consistency and will eventually allow soft food. Carefully follow the surgeon’s directions regarding the timeline for solid food consumption.

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To learn more about undergoing an endoscopic bypass revision (TORe) in Orange County, contact Smart Dimensions™ and schedule a consultation. Our medical professionals will be available to assess your weight regain and can perform an effective and safe procedure to get you back on the right track.

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