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Causes of Obesity

Smart DIMENSIONS™ offers a compassionate program that provides comprehensive care and support before, during, and after bariatric surgery to help morbidly obese patients in Los Angeles and Orange County understand the causes of obesity.

The best way to maintain a healthy weight is to only take in the number of calories you need for daily activities. Weight gain and obesity occur when you take in more calories than you use. Additionally, certain factors may predispose you to weight gain, such as heredity, upbringing, hypothyroidism, and stress.

The Family Connection to Weight Gain

Like many health-related conditions, excess weight and obesity are inherited from your relatives. If you have parents or grandparents who were overweight, chances are that you will struggle with your weight as well. Another familial connection to weight gain, however, is how and what you eat. Many times we turn to foods that remind us of the acceptance and warmth we felt as children, such as your grandmother’s apple pie or your father’s heavenly biscuits and gravy. As adults, we turn to these foods, often in excess, during times of sadness, stress, and depression, with the hope of regaining the emotions, comfort, and safety we felt as children.

Your Thyroid and Weight Gain

The thyroid is a gland that regulates many functions of your body, including metabolism. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid is under-functioning, leading to reduced metabolism that can lead to weight gain, as well as other imbalances in the body. Uncontrolled hypothyroidism and weight gain can eventually lead to significant weight and obesity.

Stress and Obesity

Stress is more than just an emotional response to the hectic pace of life. Your body also takes a toll as a result of high blood pressure, poor diet, lack of exercise, restless sleep, and much more. Often these signals go unnoticed as we simply try to keep up with the demands of day-to-day life. Before we know it, we have gained weight yet cannot find the time to eat properly and exercise.

Medical Conditions and Obesity

Hypothyroidism is just one of the medical conditions that can lead to weight gain and obesity. The best way to find out if your obesity is the result of an underlying medical condition is to schedule an appointment at our Orange County practice.

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