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5 5 Star Rating based on 10 reviews
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“Dr. Russo was with me every step of the way”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on May 13, 2016

Connie Testimonial Weight Loss Smart Dimensions

My weight loss journey began many years ago. I have made the round table of dieting just like those of you reading this and researching the next step. Every so often I would research the surgery option and then tell myself, “This is ridiculous, I can lose this weight.” Well, that did not happen, and I was caught in a vicious circle.

Last year I made up my mind that I was sick and tired of the yo-yo life and so my story begins. With great anxiety, I had my first meeting with Dr. Russo and he immediately put me at ease and made me feel comfortable with the notebook of questions I had. I knew he was evaluating me during the visit, but I interviewed him as well. Following the advice of Dr. Russo’s and the Nutritionist, I breezed thru all the requirements for surgery. Surgery was not easy, but I had great support from my family. Dr. Russo was with me every step of the way and his bedside manner couldn’t have been better. I should have had this surgery years ago.

You will notice little things after surgery that are important, for instance, like driving a car and belly not hitting steering wheel, or being able to pick up sticks and tie your shoes easily. I can now get in and out of our boat easily. Now when I see my reflection in windows, I don’t see a big blob, but a pretty good looking old gal. A proud moment was when I pitched out those big t-shirts that I used to hide myself. Shopping in the regular size area was alarming, as if I felt guilty and in the wrong place and should be in plus sizes. But not anymore! My body feels younger and I am healthy and can do things now. My husband and I are retired tournament anglers and still fish every day for fun.

Now, when i see others struggling with their weight, I think of myself and wish they would consider bariatric surgery. I researched my surgeon and Dr. Russo topped the list. He is blessed with good hands. I am six months out, have lost 52 pounds* and life is wonderful. I am now 76 years young and my quality of life is outstanding. I’m active now like I used to be. Age is just a number. Thank you Dr. Russo for extending my life and making me healthy again.

*Results are not guaranteed and may differ from person to person.


“He is a brilliant doctor and surgeon”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on May 2, 2016


“I would recommend Dr. Russo to anyone who would like to get their procedure done. He is willing to spend as much time as you need to cover any questions you may have or even to give you the answers to questions you didn’t think to ask. Whenever we had an appointment, he never seemed rushed and always paid attention to the task at hand. Dr. Russo even went above and beyond to make sure I had the proper services I needed in a timely manner. He treats you like a person, which I have found is a rare quality in the doctors I have known.

As for the surgery itself, things went very smoothly. I was up and moving within hours after, and by the 5th day I was out and about the town (certainly not recommended by my doctors!!). Four months have passed since I got the sleeve done and I have yet to experience any severe effects. My scars are also healing very nicely. I have currently lost 85 lbs*., but your mileage may vary. He is a brilliant doctor and surgeon and I heartily give my recommendation.”

*Results are not guaranteed and may differ from person to person.


“Dr. Mir Ali and Dr. Diane Lemont changed my life”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on April 29, 2016


“Well…… It’s official… I was going to wait until morning, but I’m so excited now I can hardly sit still. A year ago, I set out on a journey to save my on life. By the grace of God, I got to where I was without co-morbidity factors. How, I have no clue. However, I was suffering from load bearing issues and chronic pain. I didn’t want to show everyone, but I thought, if I could inspire one person to love their self a little more, maybe it would be worth it in the end. I was at my center this evening. Well….. I had said, in a perfect world, I might lose 100 pounds in a year. I did it. I then said.. If a complete miracle happens, I will lose 150 pounds in a year. I did it. And if Heaven and earth move and the stars align, I might actually pull 175 pounds in a year. Well…… I did it. As of today, I am down 176 pounds*. I have to say.. I have been in tears a great part of the day. I had this crazy personal goal and I did it. It’s so overwhelming emotionally that I couldn’t keep it in anymore. I did let it out at my support meeting tonight. And I know we will be celebrating tomorrow when I see my surgeon face to face. So if there is any message at all to this complete madness… Never, ever, ever give up on yourself. A year ago, Dr. Mir Ali and Dr. Diane Lemont changed my life. I am forever grateful. God bless each of you. I am alive again smile :)”

*Results are not guaranteed and may differ from person to person.


“I started out at 355 I lost the 75%”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on April 18, 2016


“I started out at 355lbs* I lost the 75% that I want to maybe a little more I’ve never regretted oneday having a surgery. I feel it was the best thing I ever did. Now I can play with mygrandbabies instead of just sitting back and watching!”

*Results are not guaranteed and may differ from person to person.


“I wouldn’t hesitate to refer my family and friends”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on April 13, 2016

I am 4 weeks post-op from a Roux ‘n Y gastric bypass “revision”. My original surgery 11 years ago had started to fail. I sought out the doctor based on his bios online and chose him to figure out what was going on with my stomach. When I saw him initially, I was in pain, couldn’t keep food down, and my stomach was extremely distended and bloated with pain. He walked right alongside of me from the initial visit followed by two surgeries. I am now feeling the best I’ve felt in over 5 years. He is a brilliant physician. His bedside manner was always comforting. I wouldn’t hesitate to refer my family and friends as I know they would be as pleased as I was. I’d also like to thank his PA, Ashley, for holding my hand as I went into surgery :) Thanks for a new beginning!


“The Group is ‘Top Notch’ and highly professional”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on April 10, 2016

In January 2011 I had a Gastric Bypass. He is the founder of this medical group and is the surgeon who has basically perfected the Gastric Bypass procedure that is followed by most Gastrointestinal Surgeons who perform this procedure in the US today; it is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ procedure. To date – July 2012 – Weight day of surgery – 395 lbs, present weight, (7/12), 173 lbs*, total loss of 221+ lbs*. BMI at date of Surgery – 56.3, BMI – (7/12), 21.1. I WAS Type II Diabetic – controlled BS – 127-135, taking 4 separate prescriptions daily, I am no longer on ANY medication for Diabetes, my blood sugars are normal – 97-101, regardless of time of day. I WAS Hypertensive, Diovan 280 mg, I am no longer Hypertensive – 152/65. I HAD Sleep Apnea, GONE! At my heaviest – I wore 56 waist pants and XXXXL shirt, which was still slightly tight. I now am a 32/34 pant and a large shirt that are a bit loose. I am still losing weight, very slowly, about 1/4 pounds every 2-3 months. I have completely changed my eating habits in every manner, type, food selection, portion, frequency…etc. I do not consume any processed sugar, unless it is an ingredient in a processed or store bought food, and I have NO choice. I do not consume any carbonated beverages, ever. I no longer consume ANY alcohol. I made the conscience decision to change, completely, the surgery just kicked started the process, I completed it. If you decide to do this procedure, YOU will have to make the exact same decision. If you don’t, you are looking for a ‘Magic Bullet’ or a ‘Fairy Godmother’ to ‘Bonk’ you on the head and ‘Poof’ you are ‘Thin’…forget it, this is definitely NOT for you. It is very HARD work, a complete and total Life Style change – ALL inclusive, nothing omitted. You want to eat anything and everything after this surgery, go ahead, you’ll never lose a pound and you will place yourself in a situation that has NO reversal, good luck losing weight and getting healthy if you fail after this procedure, because you won’t have a second chance.  I had absolutely no issues with the procedure, no pain or discomfort, no issues at all. I chose the Gastric Bypass because it is really the only procedure that has the long term success rates that I desired. It is a life style changing event, no question about that. Large meals are the past now and now meals, I eat 5-8 very small meals all day long. A typical daily food intake – 180 grams of protein, Chicken or very lean red meat, 5 fruits, 2 vegies, and 6 liters of water daily, probably a total caloric intake of 1100-1300 calories a day.  I highly recommend the Medical Group if you are considering this procedure. I have no comment or opinion on the Lap Band or similar procedures however this Medical Group does these as well. If you are considering a Gastric Bypass or another type weight reduction/management surgical procedure you really should speak to this Medical Group prior to undergoing this surgery by which ever Dr. you choose. The Group is ‘Top Notch’ and highly professional, no complaints, 100% happy! If you’re really interested in the Gastric Bypass procedure I will be than happy to fill you in on what I went through Pre and Post surgery and how it is now living with it. You can send me a message through Yelp and I will get back to you and relate my experiences.

*Results are not guaranteed and may differ from person to person.


“If you are planning on having surgery I recommended Dr Ali”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on April 4, 2016

I had my surgery on 02/04/15, I was pleased with Dr Ali and his staff. Specially Michelle Pre-Op Coordinator, Jo and Allie . Jo went above and beyond to try to get my surgery date change because I had some issues, Michelle was extremely helpful on making sure I had everything ready for surgery. after surgery she went to the hospital to make sure everything was ok and if I had any questions. Allie has been helpful in getting my disability paperwork send to EDD in a timely manner. Dr Ali and his PAs where in communication with each other every day the saw me at the hospital answered all my questions and concerned and send me home when I felt comfortable to leave. I even saw a nutritionist to see if I had any questions. If you are planning on having surgery I recommended Dr Ali.


“Marie has lost approximately 70 pounds”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on February 27, 2016

Marie came to see our gastric bypass surgeon near Los Angeles because she had several serious health conditions. Since her bariatric surgery, Marie has lost approximately 70 pounds* and is experiencing more energy and confidence than ever before. Like many patients, Marie believes the gastric bypass surgery she underwent saved her life.

*Results are not guaranteed and may differ from person to person.


“She has lost more than 110 pounds”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on February 15, 2016

Bobbi is a gastric bypass patient from Orange County. Since her bariatric surgery two years ago, she has lost more than 110 pounds*. She originally had the surgery to see if it would help improve recurring symptoms from a different chronic condition.

*Results are not guaranteed and may differ from person to person.


“She has experienced a major boost in confidence”

5 5 Star Rating - Written on February 8, 2016

Jennifer, a bariatric surgery patient near Los Angeles, has lost more than 130 pounds* since her gastric bypass surgery. She has experienced a major boost in confidence since her surgery and now is able to play soccer with her kids frequently.

*Results are not guaranteed and may differ from person to person.


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