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Could Obesity Be Wired Into Some Children’s Brains?

A new study suggests that obese children may have difficulty resisting food because of how their brain is wired. Are children with obesity capable of controlling food cravings? Find out what the doctor told HealthDay News… Read the article here.

The Gastric Balloon on NBC News

Gastric Balloons are becoming increasingly popular as a major weight loss method. See it in the news…

Congratulations to Dr. Mir Ali, Physician-of-the-Month

Outstanding Physicians September 2015 Physician-of-the-Month Congratulations to Dr. Mir Ali for being chosen as the September 2015 Physician-of-the-Month. Dr. Ali specializes in bariatric and general surgery, and has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities. As an advocate for nursing, he constantly promotes teamwork between the surgeons and nursing staff. The perioperative staff also greatly appreciated his contributions […]

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