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New Year’s Resolutions

Around New Years, most people look back and reflect on the previous year. There are usually a lot of accomplishments to feel good about, and also the list of things we still have not done, or wish we could do better. If you are overweight, losing weight is usually at the top of the list […]

Gift of Health

At this time of year, many people struggle to find the right gift for friends and loved ones. I had a thought! Why not give them the gift of health? Encourage them, or yourself to look into surgical weight loss if you suffer from obesity, type II diabetes or hypertension. There is nothing in this […]

Diabetes and Obesity

“Because diabetes follows a progressive course, often starting with obesity, and then moving on to prediabetes, there are multiple opportunities to intervene early and prevent this devastating disease before it is too late” Deneen Vojta M.D.of United Health Care. Being overweight or obese is one of the primary risk factors for diabetes Some studies have […]

FDA Advisory Committee’s New Recommendation

The advisory committee for the FDA met last week to discuss changing the recommendation for patients desiring adjustable banding ( lap band) Currently the criteria requires that patients have a BMI of 40, or BMI of 35 with a serious co-morbidity to qualify for surgery. The new recommendations are to lower the BMI requirements to […]

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