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Just one little bite

I often hear patients make comments like this during an intake about their eating habits. ” I never eat between meals” ” I rarely eat dessert” “Everything I eat is lowfat” Why am I still gaining weight? To answer these questions, we really have to look closely at all the times each day we take, […]

Follow up appointments

Our surgeons continue to get busier and busier due to the obesity explosion in the US, our fabulous reputation, and the fact that we are contracted with numberous IPA’s and insurance companies.It is getting increasingly difficult for the doctors to see all their patients in follow up.Many of you mainly see the PA’s for followup […]

Health Problems Related to Obesity and Morbid Obesity

Many people would like to lose a few problem pounds, which is normal. If someone is obese or morbidly obese, though, they tend to carry much more weight than just a few problem pounds. Many people have come to our Los Angeles weight loss surgery in order to fight back against obesity and morbid obesity, […]

When Choosing a Bariatric Surgery Program: Go With Your Gut

If you’ve researched (or are in the process of researching) more than one program or surgeon who performs bariatric surgery, you know that a Center of Excellence designation is vitally important to the care you receive and the outcome you have. Having done your research, you also probably know that most programs now hold this […]

Human Interest Story

The hospitals we work with, Orange Coast Memorial and Fountain Valley Regional are always looking for interesting stories for their news letters and other media projects. I am aware of many of our patient’s circumstances, but obviously can’t know about everyone. If you have an especially interesting story, or your surgical weight loss has made […]

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