Our surgeons continue to get busier and busier due to the obesity explosion in the US, our fabulous reputation, and the fact that we are contracted with numberous IPA’s and insurance companies.It is getting increasingly difficult for the doctors to see all their patients in follow up.Many of you mainly see the PA’s for followup and have been doing so for a long time. I just wanted to reiterate that while you can always see your physician, especially if you have a problem,that most of the follow up will be provided by our PA’s. We have five fantastic PA’s who are highly trained in bariatric surgery and bariatric surgery aftercare.By followup patients seeing a PA, it allows our physicians to see more new patients. This also allows the new patients an earlier appointment. Remember how anxious you were to get in when you were new?
Lastly, because the PA’s perform 95% of all lapband adjustments, they are much better at them than the phyiscians.
So please, everyone, give the PA’s a chance. You will find them to be charming, competant and your biggest cheerleaders!