I often hear patients make comments like this during an intake about their eating habits.
” I never eat between meals”
” I rarely eat dessert”
“Everything I eat is lowfat”
Why am I still gaining weight?

To answer these questions, we really have to look closely at all the times each day we take, “just one little bite” Those calories do add up. For example:

Bite 1- there is just a swallow of orange juice left in the carton. You might as well finish it, right?
Calories- 26

Bite 2-The coffee at work today is really strong today. The only way you can stand it is to add a lot of coffee creamer. –
Calories 26

Bite 3- You take a little sliver of the cake in the break room with your coffee- it’s just one bite!
Calories 73

Bite 4- At lunch, you forgot to tell the restaurant to leave off the mayonaise on your burger- Oops
Calories 100

Bite 5- You grab a couple of breath mints after lunch. You forgot to mention to leave off the onions as well!
Calories 20

By now I am sure you are getting my drift. We all eat things unconsciously, without thinking about it or even enjoying it. The key to losing weight successfully and keeping it off, whether you have bariatric surgery or not is to be mindful of what you eat! The other key to losing weight and successfully keeping it off is to be honest with ourselves about “that one little bite”!