The 5 G’s of inappropriate eating is good advice for anyone trying to lose or maintain weight loss. These tips are especially important for surgical weight loss patients, as these bad habits can sabatoge weight loss and sometimes even cause the weight loss surgery to fail.

1. Grazing-
This eat all day styple has several pitfalls. It is unplanned so it usually takes place in the wrong setting, and is hard to control calorie intake and nutritional balance. It also prevents you from tuning into your body’s hunger cues.

2. Grabbing and going-
As the name implies, “grab and go” eating usually takes place in the wrong setting and typically involves eating too fast, or without any sense of the food being consumed.

3 Gulping- Whatever the setting, eating too fast piles on the calories and eliminates the enjoyment you get from savoring each bite. Put your fork down between bites!

4. Gorging-
Exceeding your daily calorie limit will cause weight gain even with the best surgical weight loss procedure!

5. Goodies-
Goodies- sometimes described as “empty calories” usually supply mostly sugar and fat. This style of eating often leaves you overloaded with calories and lacking essential nutrients!