Orange County Bariatric Surgery and RoboticsOrange County Bariatric Surgery, Robotics Weight loss surgery, clinically known as bariatric surgery, has been the key to substantial and long-lasting weight loss for many men and women suffering from obesity. Losing weight can be difficult, especially for those who are also suffering from obesity-related health conditions.

One of the state-of-the-art technologies is performing bariatric surgery with surgical robots. For many patients of the gastric bypass surgery center Lite & Smart Dimensions™ in Orange County, out-of-pocket robotic gastric bypass costs are comparable to more traditional gastric bypass methods. Many insurance companies offer the same copays for robotic gastric bypass surgery and other more standard types of gastric bypass surgery.

Robotic Bariatric Surgery

The name robotic bariatric surgery may be slightly misleading. Robotic bariatric surgery involves a qualified and experienced surgeon guiding and maneuvering the controls of the machine or robot. During the robotic-assisted bariatric surgical procedure, a skilled surgeon uses the instruments of the robot to perform the surgery.

The da Vinci® System is the latest, most advanced technology available in bariatric surgery today. This sophisticated technology offers the doctor unwavering precision and control while performing the weight loss surgical procedure. Featuring the magnified 3D high-definition vision system, da Vinci® bariatric surgery robots offer surgeons greater precision and control during surgery. The superior range of motion provided by the da Vinci® System allows the surgeon the ability to maneuver, rotate, and bend the instruments in ways that cannot be matched by traditional surgical techniques.

Advantages of Robotic-assisted Bariatric Surgery

One advantage of robotic bariatric surgery is that it only requires a few tiny incisions to be made. Fewer and smaller incisions during any surgery, including bariatric surgery, help to ensure an easier and faster recovery period for the patient. There are many advantages and benefits of robotic-assisted bariatric surgery, including:

  • Fewer complications: The risk of complications after surgery is lower for patients that undergo robotic-assisted bariatric surgery than for patients who undergo more invasive bariatric surgical procedures.
  • Shorter hospital stay: Because robotic-assisted bariatric surgery is a minimally invasive procedure, patients may be able to enjoy a shorter hospital stay after surgery.
  • Lower risk of infection: The risk of infection of robotic-assisted bariatric surgery is lower than that associated with more invasive bariatric surgical procedures.
  • Faster recovery and less pain: Robotic-assisted bariatric surgery causes less trauma to the body. The reduced trauma to the body during surgery, the lower risk of infection, and the lower risk of complications during and after surgery, among other factors, help patients enjoy an easier and faster recovery period after surgery.

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The effects that obesity can have a person’s health and self-esteem can be devastating. Obesity can lead to life-threatening health conditions including high blood pressure, sleep apnea, and diabetes. The sad fact is that many obese men and women have spent most of their lives unsuccessfully dieting. Bariatric surgery and changes in diet and lifestyle can help men and women overcome their obesity and live long, healthy, and active lives. To learn more about robotic-assisted bariatric surgery and other innovative technologies in weight loss surgery, please contact Lite & Smart Dimensions™ Weight Loss today.