Physical exercise plays an important role to maintain or increase your physical well being. This is especially true if you have a chronic illness, like morbid obesity. We are very excited to let our patients know about the Goodwill Fitness Center which was designed exclusively for people with chronic illnesses and disabilities.

Manymorbid obesity patientsfeel intimidated in the usual fitness centersetting. Because of the uniquepopulationthat the Goodwill Fitness Center serves,most patients who attend find thefaciltycomfortable andnon threatening. Regular exercise is one of the most important lifestyle changesneeded to be a weight loss surgery success!

Each new member is required to have a fitness assessment. Based on the individual’s capabilities and goals, an exercise program is developed. Physical therapy sessions are also available with a prescription from your doctor.

Please call the office and speak to Ellen if you would like more information about the Goodwill Fitness Center. 714-861-4666.

You can also visit their website at