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Second Chance At Life After Gastric Bypass

Ramona Edwards knows quite a lot about getting a second chance. Ramona Edwards – Gastric Bypass Story

Congratulations to Dr. Mir Ali, Physician-of-the-Month

Outstanding Physicians September 2015 Physician-of-the-Month Congratulations to Dr. Mir Ali for being chosen as the September 2015 Physician-of-the-Month. Dr. Ali specializes in bariatric and general surgery, and has demonstrated exceptional leadership abilities. As an advocate for nursing, he constantly promotes teamwork between the surgeons and nursing staff. The perioperative staff also greatly appreciated his contributions […]

Stomach (Gastric) Balloon on Dr. Oz this Tuesday, October 13th!

The stomach balloon, also known as gastric or intragastric balloon, will be featured on Dr. Oz. Tune in Tuesday to FOX11 KTTV at 2:00PM or MyNetworkTV KCOP at 1:00PM to learn how this exciting non-surgical technology that is THREE TIMES MORE EFFECTIVE THAN DIETING ALONE can help make your weight loss dreams come true! Click […]

The advantages of seeing a Bariatric Surgeon

It should come as no surprise that obesity has become a national epidemic. Unfortunately, there is no single solution that will work for every person, and the answer may not be as simple as exercising more and eating less. This is why millions of patients have turned to experienced bariatric surgeons in order to take […]

Diet and Exercise Do Not Work for The Obese

A new study that followed over 150,000 people demonstrated that the rate of resolution of obesity is less than 1% for individuals with a BMI of 30-35 and closer to 1 in 1000 (0.1%) for those whose BMI > 40. It’s time to rethink the diet & exercise yo-yo and do something DEFINITIVE and PROVEN […]

Podcast – Weight Loss Surgery and Joint Replacement

Doctor discusses the correlation between bariatric surgery and joint replacement.

Five Reasons Why You Should Only Seek a Board Certified Surgeon

Not all surgeons are the same. The designation “board-certified physician” is an important distinction that many people who are seeking surgical services ignore. Choosing a board-certified surgeon is very important. Here are five reasons your need to consult a board certified surgeon for your next procedure. State Medical Boards Do Not Qualify Surgeons to Perform […]

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