Not all surgeons are the same. The designation “board-certified physician” is an important distinction that many people who are seeking surgical services ignore. Choosing a board-certified surgeon is very important. Here are five reasons your need to consult a board certified surgeon for your next procedure.

State Medical Boards Do Not Qualify Surgeons to Perform Procedures

State medical boards do not require surgeons to have received training in the procedures they provide to their patients. Some doctors will provide services that they have little experience performing. When you select a surgeon that is board certified surgeon, you are choosing a doctor who is an expert in their field.

A Doctor Who is Competent in One Area May Not Be Competent in Another

Board certification is an indicator that the physician is competent in a medical practice area. However, being competent in one specialty does not mean being competent in others. Each medical board has devised a set of standards that dictate what is required for training, licensure and what is considered a high-quality of practice.

Board Certifications Require Additional Training and Testing

Board-certified physicians undergo additional surgical training after medical school. Surgeons undergo a minimum of five years of additional training during their residency programs. To become certified, surgeons are required to meet specific qualification standards and pass oral and written exams.

Board-Certification Does Not Last Forever

Board-certified surgeons spend a lot of time becoming skilled in their specialty. However, a physician’s performance can decline as they spend more years in practice. Because of this, most board certifications expire in about 10 years. The specific time frame for recertification depends on the specialty. To remain certified, physicians must pass an exam and prove that they have maintained their technical skills.

Board-Certified Surgeons Acquire More Privileges

A non-certified surgeon does not acquire hospital privileges like their certified counterparts. Certified surgeons are evaluated by hospital members and placed under a higher level of scrutiny. Only surgeons who are considered to be at the top of their profession are allowed to work in certain hospitals. By selecting a board-certified surgeon, you are seeking the services of someone who excels in their practice area.

Board certification means that the physician has put a lot of time and effort to become skilled in their specialty. The doctors at Smart Dimensions™ have met certification standards and display excellence in their field. If you need assistance with your weight-loss journey and live in the greater Los Angeles area, please contact Smart Dimensions™.