We’ve heard time and time again, especially in the main-stream media, of the perception that weight-loss surgery is seen as a “magic bullet” by those who choose it. We’re sure most people who have undergone weight-loss surgery would loudly disagree. While surgical weight-loss is the most effective way for someone who is morbidly obese to lose weight, it is also the most difficult. The reasons for this are complicated and many. From “re-learning” how to eat food in smaller portions over longer periods of time, to maintaining a lifetime commitment to exercise and a healthy diet, the surgical procedure itself is really only a tool. It truly is up to the individual patient to dedicate himself/herself to using that tool to its fullest advantage. In our practice, those who have committed themselves to lifelong changes in their thinking and behaviors, have reaped the greatest weight-loss and health rewards from weight-loss surgery. And even though we’ve heard many of them say they would do it again in a heartbeat, we’re sure they would say it wasn’t easy. We’re also certain they wouldn’t call it a “magic bullet” either.