There can be many reasons for gaining too much weight, but none of them are as common as eating too much. How many times have you decided not to eat too much but have ended up eating anyway because you gave into your cravings, or because you could not control your hunger?

Eating too much is a common problem for many people. vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy is helpful for people with this problem, stopping them from overeating and ensuring that they consume only enough food as is required.

How Does vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy Work?

This therapy involves a device that stops the signal transmission between the brain and the stomach. As a result, you gain better control over your hunger pangs and eating habits. Once you gain better control over your eating habits, you can make healthier choices and avoid the problems that come from binge eating.

The target of the device is your Vagus nerve. The Vagus nerve plays a key role in your hunger pangs. The device, called the Maestro System, sends electrical signals to your Vagus Nerve, blocking the signal transmission between stomach and brain. As a result, you feel full longer and do not feel the impulse to keep munching on food throughout the day.

The Maestro System is inserted into the body using a minor invasive procedure. The procedure is so simple that you can leave the hospital setting in no time. There is almost no pain, no scars, and almost no other discomfort involved.

Benefits of vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy

The control you gain over your eating habits with this treatment method offers a number of benefits for your health. Weight loss is only one of them. Apart from shedding extra pounds, you can avoid the health problems of overeating, as well as secondary health issues caused by extra weight.

Here are some of the benefits of vBloc:

No need to follow any diet: Because your weight reduces due to your hunger being in control, you do not have to follow any kind of special diet! You can eat and drink whatever you want without any fear of putting on weight. The Maestro System will make sure that you do not go overboard and will keep you full for a long time after.

Reduced health problems: Heart problems, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and other such health problems related to overeating and weight are reduced thanks to your healthier eating habits. You can now enjoy better health without having to go through annoying workouts and diets.

Easy option to lose weight: vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy is an easier option to lose weight (provided that your extra pounds are a result of eating too much).

A Safe and Effective Treatment

The ever-growing number of success stories of people who have tried vBloc Neurometabolic Therapy stand testament to the effectiveness and safety of this therapy. Contact us to learn more about this therapy during a consultation.