Are you finding your life difficult because of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)? Do you want to stop taking medications to treat it because of their negative side-effects? Surgery is an option, but with traditional surgery, you may find it difficult to swallow, your flatulence increases, and you won’t be able to vomit or belch. You have to change your diet to a puree one until you can start consuming regular food, and you can’t have carbonated beverages.

Thanks to LINX Reflux Management System, you never have to deal with these drawbacks ever again. You can think of LINX as a medical device that will help you manage the symptoms of GERD, such as regurgitation and heartburn.

How Does LINX Work?

LINX Reflux Management System consists of a small flexible band of magnetic beads. When the magnets are outside your esophagus, the force of attraction existing between the beads will keep your sphincter closed. When you eat food or drink, the motion separates the beads by overcoming the magnetic force of attraction, allowing food and drink to pass into your stomach.

Why Is It So Popular?

Here are three reasons why LINX Reflux Management System is popular among patients:

Detachable: If you want to replace the LINK Reflux Management System with a new one or you have other reasons to remove it, the solution is simple: Through a laparoscopic procedure, we can remove the device from your body. Keep in mind that your esophagus will be intact.

Least Invasive Option: As discussed earlier, under the conventional method, you would face a large number of difficulties. The reason for these difficulties is that your esophagus would need to be wrapped with the top portion of your stomach. LINK Reflux Management System is the least invasive technique for treating GERD permanently and does not require this wrapping.

Tolerable: Even though the doctor implants the LINX device during the surgery, you can go home after completion of the procedure. Also, you can follow your normal diet afterwards with no issues.

The Benefits of Using LINX Reflux Management System

LINX Reflux Management System comes with a variety of advantages. To show you why it’s a great choice, here are some of the benefits you will observe:

• The number of GERD medications required will decrease. There are several cases where patients don’t even need to take medication to keep the symptoms at bay after the LINX procedure.

• Because the surgery is not as invasive as the conventional techniques, there will be a major reduction in reduction in recovery time.

• The symptoms of regurgitation and heartburn reduce significantly.

• Your esophagus won’t get constantly exposed to the acids in your body.

• There will be no dietary restrictions.


Before your procedure, the doctor will conduct a series of tests to see if you can undergo the surgery. Some of the tests are a Barium esophagram, esophageal pH testing, an endoscopy, and motility/manometry.

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