Lap band surgery has become more and more popular among the patient population desiring surgical weight loss. The band is does not require re-routing of the intestines, which appeals to many people.

Unfortunately patients who have lap band surgery will definitely lose weight slower than gastric bypass patients.
Another misconception that many band patients have is that they need an adjustment to lose weight. Each band holds a specified amount of fluid, and can only be adjusted to the maximum if patients can tolerate that amount of restriction. Patients often request fills, claiming no restriction, when they are very close to being maximally filled.

Patients whose bands are too tight do not lose weight because they live on liquids that are often high calorie or highly processed foods. ( also high in calories) Because filling the band is not an exact science, and is different for every patient, good communication between the patient and health care provider is a must. The band adjustment is only one aspect of what makes patients lose weight. Often more important than the number of band adjustments a patient has, are the other changes patients have made in their daily routines. Remember to lose weight and successfully keep it off, you have to avoid fast food, empty calories in foods and liquids and increase your activity level. By incorporating all the life style changes into your routine, as well as fills when really necessary, you are more likely to reach your weight loss goals