A lot of people find it very difficult to lose weight even if they follow a healthy diet or exercise regularly. Many of these individuals find that the Obalon Balloon system is an effective solution.

The Obalon Balloon system is the first ingestible FDA-approved system for weight loss. It helps in facilitating weight loss by restricting the amount of food intake. It’s a good option for people who haven’t been able to lose weight through regular exercise and diet. The treatment can take six to twelve months.

How Does an Obalon Balloon Work?

The system uses three balloons that are intragastric and can occupy space in the stomach to enable the patient to feel full at a faster rate. It results in a reduced intake of food that amplifies weight loss.

In the first session, the first Obalon Balloon is ingested in the form of a small capsule that is tied to a micro-catheter. Once the balloon reaches the stomach, the doctor inflates the balloon up to the size of an orange and removes the catheter. It takes about ten minutes to complete the process.

After one month, the patient returns to the doctor to swallow the second Obalon Balloon capsule and follows the same procedure. After two months, the third capsule is also ingested and inflated.

All three balloons stay in the stomach for another three months. A personalized diet and exercise plan is also followed. During this time, the patient will notice real weight-loss results. The time period helps the patient adapt to a healthier lifestyle for long-term results. After 12 months, the balloons are removed from the stomach.

Benefits of the Obalon Balloon System

It promotes a healthy lifestyle: The treatment takes a good six to twelve months, during which patients engage in a regular work-out regimen and follow healthy eating habits. This supports the switch to a healthy lifestyle, which in turn accelerates weight loss.

It’s a proven weight-loss system: Patients who opt for the Obalon Balloon system experience twice as much weight loss as if they had just exercised and followed a diet. An average of 89% of people who have lost weight have managed to keep their weight at the desired rate, even one year after balloon removal.

It’s FDA-approved and non-surgical: Obalon is a safe procedure that has been approved by the FDA. It is the first and only ingestible lightweight balloon system that helps in weight loss.

It’s convenient and requires no recovery time: It takes about 10 minutes to successfully complete the procedure for each session. This does not require surgery or anesthesia.

Criteria for Eligibility

• The patient is 22 years or older.
• The patient is 30 to 100 pounds overweight according to their BMI.
• The patient is committed to the 6-to-12-month process.
• The patient is committed to following a healthy diet and exercise plan.
• The patient has the enthusiasm and mindset of being ready to develop a new lifestyle and eating habits.

Start Your Treatment

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