In January 2011 I had a Gastric Bypass. He is the founder of this medical group and is the surgeon who has basically perfected the Gastric Bypass procedure that is followed by most Gastrointestinal Surgeons who perform this procedure in the US today; it is considered the ‘Gold Standard’ procedure. To date – July 2012 – Weight day of surgery – 395 lbs, present weight, (7/12), 173 lbs*, total loss of 221+ lbs*. BMI at date of Surgery – 56.3, BMI – (7/12), 21.1. I WAS Type II Diabetic – controlled BS – 127-135, taking 4 separate prescriptions daily, I am no longer on ANY medication for Diabetes, my blood sugars are normal – 97-101, regardless of time of day. I WAS Hypertensive, Diovan 280 mg, I am no longer Hypertensive – 152/65. I HAD Sleep Apnea, GONE! At my heaviest – I wore 56 waist pants and XXXXL shirt, which was still slightly tight. I now am a 32/34 pant and a large shirt that are a bit loose. I am still losing weight, very slowly, about 1/4 pounds every 2-3 months. I have completely changed my eating habits in every manner, type, food selection, portion, frequency…etc. I do not consume any processed sugar, unless it is an ingredient in a processed or store bought food, and I have NO choice. I do not consume any carbonated beverages, ever. I no longer consume ANY alcohol. I made the conscience decision to change, completely, the surgery just kicked started the process, I completed it. If you decide to do this procedure, YOU will have to make the exact same decision. If you don’t, you are looking for a ‘Magic Bullet’ or a ‘Fairy Godmother’ to ‘Bonk’ you on the head and ‘Poof’ you are ‘Thin’…forget it, this is definitely NOT for you. It is very HARD work, a complete and total Life Style change – ALL inclusive, nothing omitted. You want to eat anything and everything after this surgery, go ahead, you’ll never lose a pound and you will place yourself in a situation that has NO reversal, good luck losing weight and getting healthy if you fail after this procedure, because you won’t have a second chance.  I had absolutely no issues with the procedure, no pain or discomfort, no issues at all. I chose the Gastric Bypass because it is really the only procedure that has the long term success rates that I desired. It is a life style changing event, no question about that. Large meals are the past now and now meals, I eat 5-8 very small meals all day long. A typical daily food intake – 180 grams of protein, Chicken or very lean red meat, 5 fruits, 2 vegies, and 6 liters of water daily, probably a total caloric intake of 1100-1300 calories a day.  I highly recommend the Medical Group if you are considering this procedure. I have no comment or opinion on the Lap Band or similar procedures however this Medical Group does these as well. If you are considering a Gastric Bypass or another type weight reduction/management surgical procedure you really should speak to this Medical Group prior to undergoing this surgery by which ever Dr. you choose. The Group is ‘Top Notch’ and highly professional, no complaints, 100% happy! If you’re really interested in the Gastric Bypass procedure I will be than happy to fill you in on what I went through Pre and Post surgery and how it is now living with it. You can send me a message through Yelp and I will get back to you and relate my experiences.

*Results are not guaranteed and may differ from person to person.