“Well…… It’s official… I was going to wait until morning, but I’m so excited now I can hardly sit still. A year ago, I set out on a journey to save my on life. By the grace of God, I got to where I was without co-morbidity factors. How, I have no clue. However, I was suffering from load bearing issues and chronic pain. I didn’t want to show everyone, but I thought, if I could inspire one person to love their self a little more, maybe it would be worth it in the end. I was at my center this evening. Well….. I had said, in a perfect world, I might lose 100 pounds in a year. I did it. I then said.. If a complete miracle happens, I will lose 150 pounds in a year. I did it. And if Heaven and earth move and the stars align, I might actually pull 175 pounds in a year. Well…… I did it. As of today, I am down 176 pounds*. I have to say.. I have been in tears a great part of the day. I had this crazy personal goal and I did it. It’s so overwhelming emotionally that I couldn’t keep it in anymore. I did let it out at my support meeting tonight. And I know we will be celebrating tomorrow when I see my surgeon face to face. So if there is any message at all to this complete madness… Never, ever, ever give up on yourself. A year ago, Dr. Mir Ali and Dr. Diane Lemont changed my life. I am forever grateful. God bless each of you. I am alive again smile :)”

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