Among the most common questions we receive from women who have undergone or are planning to undergo weight-loss surgery is: Can I get pregnant after surgery? To their pleasant surprise, the answer is YES! In fact, getting pregnant after weight loss surgery is far less risky to mother and baby than getting pregnant while morbidly obese. Some important things to consider:
For the morbidly obese woman, significant weight loss has been shown to actually increase fertility.
It is advised to wait at least 18 months after a surgical weight-loss procedure to get pregnant because this is typically the time frame when the most significant weight-loss occurs.
Studies have shown that vaginal delivery after weight loss surgery is possible and safe for most patients.
Adequate nutrition during pregnancy and after, especially if nursing, is essential for every woman, even more so in the post-weight-loss surgery mother.
Of course, every patient is unique. If you have specific questions or concerns about pregnancy after weight-loss surgery, be sure to discuss them with your surgeon and OB-GYN.