Making the decision to pursue weight loss surgery is often very difficult. Many patients are afraid of the risks, or think they should be able to lose weight on their own. Once they make the decision to go forward with surgery, they must then decide what procedure is right for them.

Unfortunately, due to a barrage of irresponsible advertising, many people do not have realistic expectations about surgical weight loss. Many ads, billboards and radio spots depict surgical weight loss as risk free, quick and easy . This type of media coverage often misleads patients.

Bariatric surgery is major abdominal surgery. It should be performed in a facility that is is a Center of Excellence, by board certified surgeons with years of experience. There should be multiple opportunities for patients to get educated by the surgeons, office staff and dieticians about the procedures. A patient’s medical history, medical conditions, and BMI should be considered carefully when chosing a procedure. Lastly, the patient must thoroughly examine their own lifestyle and behavior and be committed to change.

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