Bariatric surgery is essentially a cosmetic procedure that is performed in order to help people lose weight. Different types of bariatric surgery can be opted for depending on the nature of your problem. Once your surgery is done, the effect is very visible and patients lose a lot of weight.

The problem is keeping those extra pounds at bay. Some degree of weight gain does eventually happen a year or two after the bariatric surgery. However, it is up to us to control how much weight we put on.

Ways to Keep Off the Weight

Let’s look at some steps you can take to ensure that you keep off the weight after bariatric surgery:

Start at a Slightly Lower Pre-Surgery Weight – This may seem difficult, since you’re opting for weight-loss surgery because other methods aren’t working. However, if you can shed some pounds before the surgery, your Body Mass Index (BMI) will be lowered prior to the surgery. You will be able to lose more weight and will be less likely to gain too much weight after your surgery.

Avoid Drug and Liquor Abuse – These lifestyle choices can lead to a lot of complications after surgery and can cause weight gain. This is something that will come up for discussion during your psychological evaluation, which is a must before any bariatric surgery. You can get the surgery only after you get a clearance on this evaluation. It is important to be honest with your psychologist with respect to alcohol and drug abuse and to work with them to solve any related problems.

Pay Attention to Your Emotional State – It is normal to feel a flurry of emotions before and after the surgery. It is important to not isolate yourself; establish and maintain a strong support network so that you can deal with your emotions. Also, join quality support groups that will help you stay strong during any difficult emotions you experience. You must not give in to food binges and cravings. To help with this, work to build strong discipline even before getting your surgery. Address as much of your food addiction as possible before the surgery. If you start getting more food urges or feel that your mental state is unstable after the surgery, you must immediately consult with the doctor. Be honest with your family, friends, and doctor.

Follow the doctor’s Instructions as Closely as Possible – Many patients only follow post-surgical directions for a year or two and then start becoming lax.

Get Nutritional Counseling – Ensure that you get consistent nutritional counseling after your procedure. A professional will be able to help you eat healthier and minimize post-surgical weight gain.

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