Recent research shows that nearly two-thirds of people who suffer from obesity are at risk for developing hypertension.

The exact cause is unknown, but what is known is that obesity affects hormonal levels in our bodies, and that the worst affected is the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone system. This system is responsible for controlling blood volume, the level of sodium and water retention in the body. Both sodium and water retention are responsible for the proper regulation of blood pressure. Because obesity interferes with these systems, hypertension is often the result. Fatty tissue in the kidneys may also lead to irregular functioning of the kidneys, and also be a contributing factor in hypertension.

It is important to realize that obesity related hypertension may also lead to metabolic syndrome and diabetes.
Patients who undergo surgical weight loss often reverse or improve both their hypertension and diabetes.
Surgical weight loss is an effective way to improve hypertension and over all health in general.
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