The human body is complicated and can be affected by anything that we do, including the amount and type of rest we get and what and how we eat. By following a few simple tips, you can not only restore your energy, but also maintain a healthier weight and overall sense of well-being.

Nourishing Your Body
Doctors say it all the time: Part of maintaining a healthy body is eating right. The foods that you eat also play a role in how much energy you have throughout the day. Ensure that you get the USDA recommended amount of proteins, fruits, vegetables, grains, dairy and fats in your daily diet according to your gender, age and level of physical activity.

Many people do not get the needed amount of fruits and vegetables in their diets, which means their bodies lack some of the nutrients that they need to replenish energy. One way you can avoid this is to have fruit with breakfast and vegetables with lunch and dinner. Never skip any of these meals because it can negatively impact your energy and metabolism. To get even more out of your vegetables, avoid heating them in the microwave, which destroys energy-containing enzymes.

If you drink a lot of coffee, you could substitute it with green tea instead. Along with the positive effect green tea has on your energy, it is also known to prevent some forms of cancer. Additionally, reduce the amount of sugary beverages that you drink, such as soda, replacing them with water or fruit and vegetable juices without added sugar.

Exercise and Proper Breathing
Another part of maintaining a healthy body is getting enough exercise and breathing properly. Exercise does not have to involve going to the gym or following a workout video. You could simply walk or jog for 30 minutes a day, and along with replenished energy, your metabolism will also improve. It is also helpful to consciously breathe, paying attention to how far each breath reaches within you. When you become stressed or over-excited, slow down and take 10 deep breaths so that your nervous system does not overload.

Get the Rest Your Body Needs
Despite feeling tired or run down, many people fail to get the rest that their bodies need. Pay attention to the clues that your body gives you, and rest instead of push yourself beyond your limits. This might involve taking breaks at work, such as going for a walk, grabbing a drink of cold water or just taking your eyes off the computer for a couple of minutes. It is also important that you get the recommended seven to eight hours of sleep every night, which reduces the risk of cancer development. When you go to sleep, make sure that you are emotionally stable so that your sleep is energizing.