Many people think that bariatric surgery is a new concept because of the recent increase of media coverage about it. However, bariatric surgery was first performed in 1954. The first bariatric surgeries were the intestinal bypass. The intestinal bypass literally bypassed the middle section of the small intestines. It was successful for weight loss, but patients experienced many bad side effects and were malnourised because of the severe malabsorption the procedure caused. The first gastric bypas surgery was performed in 1964, by Dr. Mason at the University of Iowa. The surgery that Dr Mason performed in 1964 is considered the “Gold Standard” in bariatrics today because of the weight loss success without some of the problems caused by more radical surgeries.

Gastric bypass surgery is effective at resolving a multitude of health issues including diabetes, hypertension and sleep apnea. With nearly one third of all Americans considered morbidly obese, the number of bariatric surgeries performed will continue to increase.

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