Many factors come under consideration when a patient decides to undergo bariatric surgery. Once the patient makes the decision to undergo a procedure, the next question for many is, Which procedure is right for me?

I found the following information in a study recently published by Ethicon Endo-Surgery.
Patients undergoing gastric bypass surgery lost an average of 61% of their excess weight, while those undergoing the band lost an average of 47%.

Resolution of Type II Diabetes was 83% for those who had Gastric bypass and 47% for those who had the band.
Resolution of Hypertenstion was 75% with the bypass and 38.4% with the band.
Sleep apnea was improved 80-90% with either procedure.

Hopefully this side by side comparison will be helpful to those patients who are still on the fence about which procedure is best for them. In the end, patients undergoing either procedure have a great chance at being successful if they follow the advice of the medical team and make the necessary behavior changes.