When someone is obese or morbidly obese, that person may face a number of major health issues, including increased chances for heart disease, strokes, diabetes, and other cardiovascular issues. Weight loss surgery options have increased in popularity, helping many people improve their overall health and achieve a trim and more athletic appearance. It should come as no surprise, then, that many celebrities have undergone surgical weight loss. The team here at our Orange County surgical weight loss center would like to note a few of the celebrities who have benefited from surgical weight loss over the years.

One celebrity that has benefited from surgical weight loss is Randy Jackson. This American Idol judge lost more than 100 pounds thanks to surgery, and the weight loss has helped him combat diabetes as well.

The famous comedienne Rosanne Barr decided to get surgical weight loss surgery in the late 90s, which helped her address a number of health issues body contour issues she was facing.

Sharon Osbourne also underwent weight loss surgery in the late 90s, and this helped her lose more than 100 pounds.

Star Jones, formerly of The View, also benefited from weight loss surgery. Initially she denied undergoing bariatric surgery, but eventually revealed to Glamour that the surgery has helped her lose 160 pounds.

One of the most familiar weathermen on TV is Al Roker, and he underwent bariatric surgery nine years ago. The surgery has helped him lose more than 100 pounds.

Novelist Anne Rice is another person who underwent weight loss surgery. This was prompted by her bouts with major sleep apnea and other health problems related to obesity.

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