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The Rule of Twenties

Published on October 15, 2015

There are three rules of twenties that you can incorporate into your daily life that can help you lose weight and maintain this loss once you are at your goal weight.

The first is to try and chew your food at least TWENTY times. Mastication or the chewing of your food physically breaks it down and helps prepare it for the stomach to further digest your meal. The more you chew the easier you make if for the digestion process in your stomach.

Next rule is to put your fork down in between bites for TWENTY seconds. This will slow the amount of calories you consume down and allow you to savor and enjoy the meal you are eating. When you enjoy your meal it creates a mental and emotional feeling of satiety and will better improve your digestion.

Lastly, take TWENTY minutes to eat your meal. Research shows that it takes approximately twenty minutes for your stomach hormones to signal your brain that you are full. So this time is important to allow your body to recognize when it is satisfied or full.

Remember that it takes approximately 21 days to create a habit so start today. The Rule of Twenties may seem hard in the beginning but try your best to adhere to them. This new habit will help set you up for success in your goal of losing and/or maintaining your weight loss and help you to be more MINDFUL when it comes to eating.

“A will finds a way”-Orison Swett Marden


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