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Effective Surgical Weight Loss for Los Angeles and Orange County

Dr. Peter LePortDr. Peter LePort developed the Lite & Smart DIMENSIONS™ surgical weight loss program to help Los Angeles and Orange County residents overcome obesity. Our exceptional program has attracted people from all parts of the United States and around the globe. In conjunction with the Fountain Valley Regional Hospital, Orange Coast Memorial Medical Center and Chapman Medical Center, the Lite & Smart DIMENSIONS™ surgical weight loss program has helped patients from Los Angeles, Orange County, throughout California, and in Alaska, Wyoming, Alabama, Kansas, Pennsylvania, Idaho, Saudi Arabia, and the Philippines.

The Lite & Smart DIMENSIONS™ surgical weight loss program helps you lose weight and keep it off permanently. For people carrying more than 100 excess pounds, dieting is successful only 2 percent of the time. Our Lite & Smart DIMENSIONS™ procedures are much more successful because they compel you to eat appropriately. Our patients love the results of weight loss surgery! In addition to our advanced surgical techniques, we provide support and education, and even weight loss supplements and books, so that you can maintain your new, slim figure.

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Typically, the Lite & Smart DIMENSIONS™ surgical weight loss solution is for people who are extremely overweight and are unable to maintain a weight that is healthy for their frame through diet and exercise.

Use our body mass index (BMI) calculator at the right to find out if you are a potential candidate for the Lite & Smart DIMENSIONS™ program. If you have a BMI of 40 or above, you have a good chance of qualifying for a surgical weight loss procedure. You may also be a candidate if your BMI is 30 to 39.9 and you are suffering weight-related health problems such as high blood pressure or diabetes. A "normal" BMI is 25 or less.

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What is Bariatric Surgery?

measuring tapeThe word bariatric means "weight." Bariatric surgery, performed by our Lite & Smart DIMENSIONS™ surgeons, helps morbidly obese patients lose weight when other methods such as dieting or drug therapy have failed. Gastric bypass surgery has helped many of our patients achieve their weight loss goals. This procedure is called the “gold standard” of bariatric surgery because it has been proven safe and has an 80 percent success rate for producing and maintaining weight loss.

We also offer the LAP-BAND® System or Realize System surgical weight loss solution to our Los Angeles patients and patients from around the world. This minimally invasive procedure has helped many of our patients lose significant weight. If you suffer from obesity, bariatric surgery using the LAP-BAND® System, a part of our comprehensive Lite & Smart DIMENSIONS™ surgical weight loss program, will help you to achieve and maintain a trim, attractive figure.

Why Choose Surgical Weight Loss?

scaleWhen diet and exercise have failed, a laparoscopic surgical weight loss procedure can help you enjoy the many benefits of losing significant weight. You may find that you require less (or can stop completely) any prescribed diabetic or hypertension medications. Your joint and lower-back pain may lessen or disappear completely. As a result of the new, slim look you can accomplish through a surgical weight loss procedure, your self-image is likely to improve, and you will regain confidence and self-esteem. There's a good chance you will rediscover the joy of socializing and become much more lively, outgoing, and actively involved in all aspects of life.

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The Lite & Smart DIMENSIONS™ surgical weight loss program serves Los Angeles, San Bernardino, Orange County, and Riverside residents, and patients from throughout the United States and the world. Contact us today to learn how we can help you overcome the hardships of obesity.

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