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Past Patients

Patients at Smart Dimensions™ discover that losing weight can actually be an exhilarating process, as they become part of the Smart Dimensions™ weight loss community. Smart Dimensions™ offers a compassionate program that provides comprehensive care and support to help patients in Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside, and San Bernardino, as well as people living around the world, discover options for eliminating excess fat and battling obesity. Our friendly staff is available to answer any questions you might have at our convenient Fountain Valley office.

How Do We Select Our Patient of the Month?

The professional team at Smart Dimensions™ takes great pride in celebrating the success stories of our patients, and we believe that our philosophy of total support and encouragement are at the heart of every one of our patients’ success. We also offer a personalized approach to every patient’s care, assuring that we get to know you and understand every challenge that you’ve had to overcome to reach your weight loss goals. For this reason, every month our team selects one special patient who has triumphantly overcome personal obstacles, conquered uncertainty and fear, applied dedication, discipline and commitment, and transformed their appearance and their lifestyle by sharing their unique and personal weight loss journey.

Meet Our Past Patients

Patient of the Month logo

August 2018

Patient of the Month, Smart Dimensions™, Fountain Valley, CA

Meet Jason Jason lost 159lbs. His favorite meal is baked haddock with whipped potato. All the new energy he has received from his weight loss is spent playing basketball with his children.

“My Decision to have WLS has been validated by the support provided here and the constant opportunities the changes have created for me.”

October 2017

Patient of the Month, Smart Dimensions™, Fountain Valley, CA

Meet Edwin he had surgery with Dr.Ali nov 2016. He has lost over 120lbs.

“Feeling so alive and healthy”

September 2017

Patient of the Month, Smart Dimensions™, Fountain Valley, CA

Meet Monica she had surgery with Dr. Ali early 2017 and has already lost 92lbs. Her favorite meal is grilled chicken and green beans. She enjoys working out and wishes she would have had the surgery a lot sooner.

“One of the the best decisions I have ever made” ~Monica

May 2016

Patient of the Month, Smart Dimensions™, Fountain Valley, CA

Our May patient of the month is Heather. When she came in for her follow-up visit, she was 120 lbs. lighter than she was in 2014 when she had her surgery.

Heather walks and goes horseback riding for exercise. Protein shakes are her go-to meal to stay full and healthy. Her energy has increased and she loves that she is now able to buy clothes from any store!

“This was the best decision of my life! I am able to do more with my family and be active in ways I never could before!” ~Heather

April 2016

POTM Image_George

Doesn’t George look great? That is why he is our patient of the month for April 2016! He has lost a total of 113 lbs. so far. He is active in the gym and also walks regularly and loves his grilled chicken salads.

Since surgery, everything—from living a healthy life to shopping for clothes—is the most major improvement of his life.

“The difference between your body this week and next week is what you do for the next 7 days to achieve your goals.” ~George


March 2016

Patient of the Month, Smart Dimensions™, Fountain Valley, CA

Our March patient of the month, Ryan, has lost a total of 118 lbs. He stays active by coaching football and walking. On a regular basis, he treats himself to a bowl of chili, because it’s his favorite healthy meal.

Ryan is so grateful that he no longer has joint and back pain since having bariatric surgery in March of 2015, and we are very proud and appreciative of him for sharing with us!

February 2016

Patient of the Month, Smart Dimensions™, Fountain Valley, CA

For February 2016, our patient of the month is Kathleen who has lost over 200 lbs. since her surgery in 2013. Kathleen feels better about herself, and the weight loss has been the most major improvement for her disability and chronic back pain.

Grilled chicken and steamed broccoli is a popular meal in her household, and after having multiple surgeries in the past and suffering from back pain, Kathleen takes walks for exercise.

“I no longer need to have a knee replacement due to the weight loss and less stress on my knees!” ~Kathleen

January 2016

Patient of the Month, Smart Dimensions™, Fountain Valley, CA

We’re bringing in the New Year with our January 2016 patient of the month, Natalia! She has lost a total of 114 lbs. since her surgery in September 2014. For exercise she takes walks in the park and for a healthy snack she has peanut butter and celery.

Natalia has dropped from a 3XL to a small/medium and that was her most major improvement.

“I am so much happier now! Going from not dating at all to a happy steady relationship! I also enjoy the outdoors a lot more.” ~Natalia

December 2015

Patient of the Month, Smart Dimensions™, Fountain Valley, CA

Hats off to Patricia, our patient of the month for December 2015! Patricia is 155 lbs. lighter and says that she loves the fact that she can move around a lot easier and travel on a plane with no problems.

Patricia enjoys taking walks to stay fit and has yogurt for a healthy snack.

“I’m so much happier, and this surgery saved my life from thyroid cancer.” ~Patricia

November 2015

Mark_B & A Photo

Kudos to Mark, our patient of the month for November 2015! Mark has lost a total of 160 lbs. in just a year and a half and now has lots of energy. He loves the way people look at him and treat him now since he has had surgery.

Mark walks 3 to 5 miles and does sit-ups each day and enjoys eating salads and vegetables.

“This really SAVED my life! It’s something you must OWN! My life has been extended and now I have a brighter future!” ~Mark

October 2015

October Jeff POTM

Introducing Jeff, our October 2015 patient of the month! Jeff has lost a total of 215 lbs. since his gastric bypass surgery in 2014! He feels that his quality of life has improved all around and enjoys walking his dogs as exercise.

Jeff has chicken and veggies to maintain his healthy eating habits.

“It is amazing how many people don’t recognize me!” ~Jeff

September 2015

Michael Patient of the Month

Our patient of the month for September 2015 goes to Michael. Having undergone Laparoscopic Gastric Bypass surgery in September 2014, he has lost a total of 135 lbs. so far in just 1 year!

As a healthy meal, Michael enjoys snacking on hummus and cucumbers; and for exercise he does a variety of walking, swimming and working out at the gym.

Michael is proud of the fact that he sleeps better and is now able to tie his shoes comfortably.

“Dr. Ali is awesome, the whole staff is great! Thank you for helping me.” ~Michael


August 2015

Ashley August Patient of the Month

Our patient of the month for August 2015 goes to Ashley. In just a year and a half, Ashley has lost 130 lbs. and she looks and feels great!

Cardio and weight training is what Ashley does to stay fit and energized. Being able to run without feeling like she is going to pass out is her best improvement since surgery, and she feels that the amount of energy she now has is awesome.

Her favorite healthy meal is homemade veggie soup and “Mother’s Market nutloaf”.

“I feel so much better about myself. I feel like my outside now matches my inside, and I’m very happy with my results.” ~Ashley

July 2015

Germaine Before and After Smart Dimensions™

Meet our July 2015 patient of the month, Germaine. Germaine has lost a total of 175 lbs. since his Lap Band surgery in 2010! He feels that his most major improvements since surgery are his confidence and energy. For a healthy meal, he recommends grilled chicken breast, spinach and brown rice.

Germaine changes his exercise routine weekly, but he mainly focuses on cardio followed by weights.

“I’m grateful for the staff at Smart Dimensions™ and Dr. Ali for helping me get to where I am! Don’t be afraid if you’re contemplating surgery! It works…. But only if YOU work!” ~Germaine


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