Connie Testimonial Weight Loss Smart Dimensions

My weight loss journey began many years ago. I have made the round table of dieting just like those of you reading this and researching the next step. Every so often I would research the surgery option and then tell myself, “This is ridiculous, I can lose this weight.” Well, that did not happen, and I was caught in a vicious circle.

Last year I made up my mind that I was sick and tired of the yo-yo life and so my story begins. With great anxiety, I had my first meeting with Dr. Russo and he immediately put me at ease and made me feel comfortable with the notebook of questions I had. I knew he was evaluating me during the visit, but I interviewed him as well. Following the advice of Dr. Russo’s and the Nutritionist, I breezed thru all the requirements for surgery. Surgery was not easy, but I had great support from my family. Dr. Russo was with me every step of the way and his bedside manner couldn’t have been better. I should have had this surgery years ago.

You will notice little things after surgery that are important, for instance, like driving a car and belly not hitting steering wheel, or being able to pick up sticks and tie your shoes easily. I can now get in and out of our boat easily. Now when I see my reflection in windows, I don’t see a big blob, but a pretty good looking old gal. A proud moment was when I pitched out those big t-shirts that I used to hide myself. Shopping in the regular size area was alarming, as if I felt guilty and in the wrong place and should be in plus sizes. But not anymore! My body feels younger and I am healthy and can do things now. My husband and I are retired tournament anglers and still fish every day for fun.

Now, when i see others struggling with their weight, I think of myself and wish they would consider bariatric surgery. I researched my surgeon and Dr. Russo topped the list. He is blessed with good hands. I am six months out, have lost 52 pounds* and life is wonderful. I am now 76 years young and my quality of life is outstanding. I’m active now like I used to be. Age is just a number. Thank you Dr. Russo for extending my life and making me healthy again.

*Results are not guaranteed and may differ from person to person.